Top 5 European Holiday Destinations To Get Around In

European holiday destinations

Top 5 European Holiday Destinations To Get Around In

A European holiday is usually travel throughout various European countries (most often including the UK, Ireland, France, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy, and many other countries). It can also include spending time in many different places, both new and familiar. But a European holiday can be more than just one trip! It can span several weeks, months, or even years! Here are some ideas for European holiday destinations you can visit.

One of the best European holiday destinations is Switzerland. Switzerland is a small country, but does not lack in interesting tourist attractions. This includes Lake Maggiore, which is home to over one million bats. Also included in the list are over 200 lakes and more than a dozen national parks.

Italy is another great European destinations. Italy is home to Rome, the capital city, as well as a number of beautiful islands, including Sicily, where there are many historic towns to explore. In addition to Rome, there are two big cities nearby: Milan and Turin. Italy has some beautiful scenery, but is perhaps best known for the amazing beaches that can be found on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. Both cities feature some of the finest beaches in the world.

Greece is also another popular European destination. There are several major Greek cities to visit, including Athens, Piraeus, and Crete. In addition to these cities, there are several smaller ones, such as Kefalonia, Marinos, and Kusadasi. Each city features its own unique charm, from stunning beaches to ancient ruins. Greece is a great place to experience the variety of aromas and flavors that come along with the different types of food, so make sure to take time to sample this cuisine while you’re here.

Romania is yet another top European holiday destinations. While cities such as Bucharest and Transylvania are well known, other cities in Romania, such as Orbus or Sintra, are becoming popular locations to visit. Travel to the cities of Baju, Romania’s capital, or join a tour group that includes a stop in Orbus. While there, make sure to check out the Baju Valley, home to one of Romania’s most famous wines.

The next European city on our budget suggestion list is Albania. Famous for its vast unspoiled wilderness and beautiful villages, Albania is an excellent choice for hiking and cycling. A popular activity in the summer months, hiking is made much easier when you have access to either Italian or German roads, allowing you to explore any of the many attractions in the region.

Germany may be the most popular European destination in the summer months, but it doesn’t end there. There’s plenty more fun to be had in Germany than just summer! Germany offers beautiful countryside during the winter, as well as historic cities and towns. One thing that is definitely not to be missed in Germany is the annual Festbahn der Alten, or Christmas road. For this event, tourists are invited to take part in an amazing car show featuring some of the most beautifully decorated cars known to man. This is a great way to experience the spirit of christmas in the best way possible!

Italy is another great destination to add to your list of European cities to get around in. Lusaka, Zambia’s largest city, is a great place to start in Italy. With two international airports servicing Lusaka and several other cities throughout the country, it’s easy to get around without having to worry about driving or taking public transport. Most cities in Italy have great public transportation that allows visitors to hop on a metro or bus to wherever they need to go in any city in Italy. Many of the major Italian cities are also on Europe’s major tourist destinations list, making it easy to find affordable accommodation for your next vacation to any of these fabulous destinations!