The Best Holiday Destinations In Asia And The Top Ten Tourist Destinations In The World

Over the past couple of years, Asian holidays have become very popular with tourists from all over the world. The Asian holiday destinations are now favoured by many long term tourists because they offer a much cheaper alternative to other European and American holiday destinations. Asia has opened up a whole new world of attractions for tourists. There are now some really amazing places on earth that you can visit and explore. Bali is certainly one of the favourites with travellers who come to Asia.

It is now commonly agreed that Bali is no longer just the Indonesian part but includes parts of the Indian Ocean. There was a time when Bali was just known as just “Bali” but it has developed into something totally different. Koh Samui, Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, India and Sri Lanka are now the most popular destination with fully vaccinated tourists coming to Asia.

The first place that came to mind for many travellers when thinking about Asian holiday destinations was Thailand. Like Indonesia, Thailand too had been introduced from a long island like country that was also teeming with tropical rainforests, wildlife and natural beauty. So it came as no surprise that Thailand became the most popular destination in Southeast Asia for travellers. Tourists coming here got to experience the beaches, the rainforests, the beaches, the temples, the markets and also the food.

So how has Asia changed over the last couple of decades? Surprisingly the Asian countries have not change much at all. Bangkok, Indonesia has stayed pretty much the same, Singapore has changed only slightly but still offers the same cheap flights, cheap accommodation and tourist destinations. Hong Kong and Singapore remain the top two Asian holiday destinations but like what was said earlier there have been changes in some Asian countries. Below I have listed some of the Asian countries that I believe offer excellent value for money.

Malaysia: Malaysia is probably one of the world’s best values for money holiday destinations. Being an independent country, Malaysia offers a lot of cultural diversity and wonderful scenery. It has also developed a lot during the last decade. From sleepy rural villages, beaches, resorts, towns and cities, Malaysia is definitely a treasure to experience. Its clean beaches, friendly people and some of the best value destinations in Asia, make it one of the most popular places in the world.

Thailand: As mentioned above Thailand was in the last decade one of the world’s top destinations for cheap places to holiday. Like Malaysia, Thailand hasn’t changed much during the last decade. From places with breathtaking scenery to some of the friendliest people in the world, Thailand has everything. It is one of the top ten best value destinations in Asia and adds another feather to Thailand’s crown.

Philippines: Over the years the number of tourists visiting the Philippines has been on a steady rise. A mix of beautiful beaches, tropical rain forests, historic cities, tropical islands and beaches – the Philippines can be very enticing. It is relatively inexpensive, from where you can get a great value for money holiday, and a lot of people now choose to come to the Philippines. It is now one of the best value destinations in Asia and is gaining popularity as a family holiday destination. It is also a very safe country for all types of holiday holidays.

These are some of the popular destinations around the Asian countries. Asia has got it all – affordability, beauty, culture and travel destinations that will charm you for life. I hope this list helps you to decide which Asian destinations are the best for your next holiday!