The Best European Holiday Destinations For Budget Travelers

Best European Holiday Destinations for newlyweds are naturally romantic. They also have breathtaking beaches, beautiful plazas to stroll through, and charming little cafes and eateries to enjoy. What’s more, they may still feel as though your own home is at the beach with many creative holiday ideas that incorporate beachside cuisine into the mix. Whether you choose to spend your honeymoon in one of the many French or Italian destinations, Greece or Croatia, you can add that special something to any European holiday. Not only can you expect to experience great weather and culture, but also a warm welcome from the people of these exotic locations. If it’s romance you’re looking for, these European destinations are definitely where you need to be.

European holiday destinations

When it comes to the most famous European holiday destinations, you’ll find Paris, with its famed landmarks and fashion boutiques, is the crown jewel of European city holidays. With two historic buildings, the Gothic cathedral and the Picasso Museum, that cover almost an entire city block, this is one of the most photographed locations in the world. In addition to taking in the amazing view, you can also shop cheaply and easily by going on the Eurostar trains between England and Paris. Other famous cities include Rome and London, which provide another popular European holiday destinations for newlyweds.

Portugal is another popular European holiday destinations in the west. This small country is made up of beautiful coastal towns that are popular for fishing, sunbathing and great food. Lisbon, capital of Portugal, is very photogenic as it is situated on the coastline of the Atlantic Ocean, giving it a nice natural backdrop. Lisbon has a reputation for being a city that is easy to fall in love with due to its picturesque landscapes and romantic buildings. Some of the most popular European holiday destinations here include Sporting Lisbon, which is home to several football clubs and the national stadium, the Estoril Stadium. Lisbon is also the home of Portugal’s national animal, the Portuguese dolphin.

Germany is another favourite European holiday destinations for those looking for quiet escape from the busy city life. Germany has some of Europe’s most stunning landscape, including huge unspoilt forests, stunning mountain ranges and cities that have impressive castle architecture. Some popular German cities that you may want to visit include Frankfurt and Munich. The cities feature a mix of traditional and modern culture, and include cities with an Oktoberfest festival, which attracts big celebrities each year.

Algarve and its surrounding islands in southern Portugal are another of the most popular European holiday destinations. Its beaches are world famous for their pristine white sand, which are often lined by colourful palm trees. Most visitors come here during the summer months, as the temperature remains pleasant at this time of the year. Portugal’s capital, Lisbon, is also one of the most popular destinations, with a mix of old and new Portuguese architecture. Other popular destinations in Algarve include Sporting Lisbon, which features a large stadium that hosts several major sports events.

Switzerland is another popular European holiday destination. The country’s wide snow-capped mountain ranges and spectacular Alpine scenery is known all over the world, and a number of Switzerland hotels are considered the top destinations around Europe. Some of the most popular Swiss cities to visit include Zurich, Bern and Geneva. Switzerland’s beautiful lakes feature some of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, which are ideal for swimmers during the summer months.

Italy is another popular destination, with its culture and history unmatched by any other European country. Rome is often regarded as the centre of Italian art and one of the most expensive cities in the world, due to the fact that it houses some of the finest museums in the world. Rome is also popular with couples looking for romantic spots for their honeymoon, with its luxurious hotels and beautiful beaches. Rome is one of the most expensive European destinations, but with so many things to do, it is worth the money.

Ireland is Europe’s most forgotten country, but is certainly an amazing place to visit. Rich in arts, culture and heritage, Ireland has some of the most beautiful and historic places to see in Europe. Some of the more popular european destinations to see in Ireland include the town of Galway, which is famous for its folklore, art and historical attractions. Other popular Ireland destinations include the historic towns of counties Clare and Mayo, as well as Cork, where there is a beautiful harbor to view.