Some of the Best European Holiday Destinations

Some of the best European holidays destinations are London, Amsterdam, Paris, or Rome. These are major capital cities of Europe and while travelling here you will feel the effect of their influence either physically or even mentally. You will witness it while travelling around these cities in either a plane or on a sea vessel. You will be able to soak up some culture and history here in these places. These places will make you fall in love with you own continent.

European holiday destinations

The next on the list of European holiday destinations is France. It is home to some of the most beautiful and romantic locations in Europe. The famous Loire Valley, as well as the Mediterranean Sea have great influence over the lives of many French people. Paris and its metropolitan area are also popular for its chic culture and shopping streets.

The third on the list of European holiday destinations is Italy. There are several cities and tourist spots in Italy that attract many tourists from all over the world. Rome is considered to be one of the must see cities in Italy while the cities of Florence, Liguria and Tuscany are also very famous among the tourists. The three largest Italian islands – Sardinia, Sicily and Capri are must see destinations when going on an Italy tour.

Another must see European holiday destinations includes Monaco. The scenic harbour city is home to many celebrities who spend time relaxing by the sparkling turquoise waters of the seashore. The colourful island is also known for hosting many world class casinos. Other top places to visit while going on an exotic European holiday include France’s Paris, the Netherlands’ The Netherlands and Belgium’s Brussels.

Spain is another hot spot for European holiday destination options. A trip to Spain will refresh you with its vibrant culture and traditional villages. Cities like Barcelona, Girona and Seville are very famous among the tourists. The Basque town of Calpe is a place where travellers can experience the local culture. Tourists can spend time visiting the Gothic cathedral and the town hall with its fantastic collection of tapestries.

Another great European holiday destination options include Italy. Italy is another preferred vacation destination for tourists. It is the country of love where lovers get enthralled with the romantic scenery. Rome, Milan, Venice and Turin are some of the iconic cities that are worth exploring. Another country worth visiting while on your tour to Europe is France.

France is the country of dream and imagination. It offers the wonderful attractions of cities, seascapes and museums. The famous cities that you must visit while in France include Louvre, ude, Monre etc. Rome is also a popular European holiday destinations and has several attractions. Rome is a great place to spend time while seeing the magnificent attractions. There are several gorges, spots that offer a panoramic view of the city.

Another popular European holiday destinations include Ireland, Portugal, Great Britain and Spain. These countries have some unique geographical features which make them a perfect getaway. The travel operators offering discounts on airfares to these popular European destinations offer great discounts to book flights to Europe. You can also visit Spain from any good airport near your residential area and can make the most out of your discounted air ticket.

If you are looking for a holiday vacation spot where you can spend time in comfort then Spain or Portugal would be a better choice. Holidaymakers who opt for Spain and Portugal as their holiday destination can enjoy the holiday at a cheaper price. The accommodation facilities are world-class in these two countries. The food is mouth watering, friendly and if you are lucky enough to plan your vacation during the summer season then you will have a lot of fun as the weather is ideal to enjoy the sunshine.

The best European holiday destinations are not decided by the price of air fares and accommodation. They are made up of beautiful places that can give a feeling of peace and tranquility. There are historical cities like those in Portugal and Spain and they are visited by thousands of tourists every year. A lot of ancient culture can be seen in these cities and the castles and cathedrals are a must see site.

Italy is another place worth visiting cities. It has some amazing beaches, marvelous art and architecture and some of the best ancient churches. Venice is a must visit place as it has a picturesque view of the sea. A trip to France and Italy is a great idea, as they can offer a romantic getaway to couples.