Popular European Holiday Destinations

Travelling through Europe allows you to witness the magnificent culture, heritage, history, wildlife, and amazing scenery. Most travellers spend their holidays exploring cities, whereas many others choose to travel by road and discover the country. Each continent has its own distinctive charm that cannot be experienced anywhere else. As a result, travelling through Europe allows you to experience everything and anything that is truly unique. Below is a brief description of some popular European holiday destinations.

European holiday destinations

One of the most popular European holiday destinations in the world is Italy. Known all around the world as an iconic example of aesthetic beauty, this continent is filled with places that almost every travellers like to go to. While Rome, Florence, and London are a few of the globally acclaimed cities found in Europe, hundreds of great cities throughout Europe will fill the intensity of travel to Europe… Some of Italy’s famous locations are;

Florence, Italy Another of the most iconic European holiday destinations can be found in Florence, Italy. Famous for the famous art which has been produced throughout the ages by famous artists, Florence is also home to some of the most beautiful and elegant buildings that have ever been created. Amongst the most popular tourist attractions in Florence are the Catacombs of Florence, which consist of burial sites for hundreds of people who were killed during the Catacombs during medieval times. A favourite hotspot for celebrities spotted in Italy is the famous Lake Como where tourists can get a great view of the surrounding area. The lake is also home to some gorgeous beaches that are ideal for family fun-fishing.

Benidorm Spain often overlooked European holiday destinations in Southern Europe, Benidorm can be an ideal destination for those looking to spend time relaxing on fine white sand beaches with a backdrop of glorious mountains that surround the city. Benidorm is home to some of Spain’s most stunning beaches as well as some of Spain’s best family fun-fishing. Benidorm boasts some of the most secluded beaches in Spain, and there is a special tradition in the area whereby local fishermen take part in fishing tournaments in order to bring back precious red fish. The beaches are sandy and are very popular among families looking for a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Barcelona, Spain One of the most well-known European holiday destination located in Spain, Barcelona is a great destination for families who want to have an enjoyable holiday. There are a number of sights to see and activities to participate in whilst in Barcelona. The Gaudi Museum is a great attraction for those looking to learn more about the famous artist, with thousands of original works spanning his long career. The famous Barcelona Zoo is another place where families can relax and enjoy a walk round the numerous exhibits. Other attractions include the Gothic quarter and the Sagrada Familia.

Northern Italy A region of Italy, located in the north of the country, is home to some beautiful and picturesque locations ideal for families who wish to spend their holiday in style. This region of Italy also has some fabulous countryside, which is ideal for hiking and trekking holidays. The natural beauty of the region is enhanced by the hundreds of lakes and riverine settings, many of which feature ancient stone villages. One of the most popular holiday destinations in Northern Italy is Tuscany, which has it’s own charm and character all its own. There are a variety of different villas in villas to choose from throughout this beautiful area.

Southern Italy Another of the popular European holiday destinations in Southern Europe, Southern Italy is a great place to explore the rich and varied culture of this beautiful country. Italy is home to some of the most historic cities in Europe, including Rome and Florence. One of the best ways to enjoy these fabulous Italian beaches is to take a tour of the various cities, with a particular focus on Rome and Florence. During your stay in southern Italy you will have the opportunity to try some of the delicious local cuisine, as well as exploring some of the amazing art and architecture.

Western Italy If you’re looking for an area that offers some old world charm, yet is within easy reach of the major tourist centers, then Western Italy may be just the place you are looking for. Western Italy is situated on the west shore of the Liguria Sea, with the Sardinian and Italian coast lined with beautiful beaches. Western Italy is a landlocked country surrounded by the Ligurian Sea on one side, and the Sardinian Sea on the other. Many people visit Western Italy to sample some of the local cuisine and history, or for great white sandy beaches. A number of small fishing settlements are dotted around the coasts of Western Italy, many of which are well preserved Roman ruins.