Popular Asian Holiday Destinations in Asia

Asian holiday destinations

Popular Asian Holiday Destinations in Asia

Asia is the most rapidly growing continent, found primarily in the Northern and Eastern Hemispheres with an area of about Asia greater than that of North America. It shares the same continental land mass with Africa and the same continental land mass of Eurasia with all other continents except for Australia. The countries of this continent are spread out over a broad geographical area with some of them being in close proximity to each other on the map, while others are far away and completely unknown. There are also numerous archipelagos that have emerged over recent years, which may also be seen on the map. Places to visit and places to avoid in Asia are the subject of this article.

Asia has a very large number of exotic wildlife and diverse natural environments. Because of the many ecosystems and fauna of Asia, including the deadly zoon, there are many dangerous animals that can be found there. This makes the places to avoid in Asia especially dangerous for tourists. Some of the places to avoid in Asia for animal wildlife and natural environment include the following:

Indonesia and Singapore, the most popular places to visit in Southeast Asia, are absolutely safe for tourists, but not so great for wildlife holidays. Indonesia has the well known Java islands as well as the Malay Peninsula. The country of Singapore, which is also known as Southeastern Asia, has Borneo and the peninsular South East coast, a city states known as Singapore, which has ferry rides across the Andaman Sea. Tourists to Asia will certainly want to stop by Malaysia, another popular destination for Asian holiday destinations, which has a very large coastline.

Thailand offers a very large variety of beaches from the temperate tropical rain forests to the vibrant island cities. There are also some absolutely stunning marine parks around the country. There are many tropical beaches in Indonesia, a popular family holiday destination in Southeast Asia, which are also popular with tourists to other parts of Asia. The country of Singapore is also a very popular family holiday destination in Southeast Asia with many cheap flights available all year round.

Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia are places with incredible scenery. However, the three countries do differ greatly when it comes to the popular Asian holiday destinations in Asia. The most popular places to visit in Vietnam are the Mekong Delta, Phuoc Son temple and Ho Chi Minh City. These places are all safe for tourists to visit, but Phuket and Bangkok have a bit more of a dangerous tourism side.

The most popular places to go in Indochina are Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. It is far easier to get around Vietnam and to get around Laohet, than it is to get around Cambodia. Many people fly to Indochina and then visit these countries in more manageable packages, such as the my Myanmar tour or the Ho Chi Minh City tour.