Famous European Holiday Destinations

European holiday destinations

Famous European Holiday Destinations

Europe is widely recognized for its beautiful beaches. Each year, 1000’s of holidaymakers are in the hunt for the greatest stunning beaches in Europe. From stunning beaches at Papagayo Beach in Brazil to idyllic beaches in Algarve, Portugal to amazing beaches in Spain. There you have a wide choice of fabulous beach holiday destinations in Europe!. So whatever your interests are, whatever your budget might be, you will find a destination that will tantalize your senses. Whether you wish to relax amongst the sun, lie on a sunny beach and surf, or have a go at some water sports, there is something to suit every one of us.

Northern Italy and Switzerland are world famous for their natural wonders. Lovers of outdoor pursuits and of the great outdoors, love these countries. Italy and Switzerland both boast wonderful locations where you can travel. Lovers of natural wonders like lakes, mountains, lakes and natural wonders will also love these destinations.

Northern Italy and Switzerland are home to some magnificent natural wonders. Italy is particularly famous for being a home to the eternal symbol of beauty; the Etruscan settlement of Tuscany. This picturesque mountainous region is home to some magnificent natural wonders, chalets and villas. The Etruscan village of Miramonti is nestled at the foot of majestic Monti d’ennolome mountain.

Southern Italy and Switzerland are known as some of the most popular European holiday destinations. Lively cities like Venice, Bologna, Rome, Milan and Intercontinental (CDG) have something for everyone. Another favourite European destination is Swiss Alps. The world famous mountain range is known for spectacular scenery and some beautiful villages on the banks of the river Rhone. The most photographed area is the Lake Eyre.

Southern European destinations include Spain, ex-Yugurtistan, Greece, Moldova, Turkey, Croatia and Portugal. All these countries are known for their beaches and their national parks. Sandown in Britain is one of the most visited beaches in Europe. Sandown is situated in the British national park of Corfu. There are many interesting ruins to visit near the beach like the 16th century St. Nicholas Church.

Some of the most popular European holiday destinations come from the countries that have given birth to some of the most influential people, places and things. The birthplace of Winston Churchill, London, England is a must see spot for enthusiasts. Other very famous destinations include Paris, The Netherlands, Italy, Iceland, Switzerland and Turkey. Rome is a must visit and is visited by celebrities and dignitaries from all over the world.

Italy is probably one of the most stylish European holiday destinations. Its beautiful beaches are made of white sand. Turin, a city of adore, is another great place to visit. The stunning pine woods and the magnificent villages set in the hills make this beautiful country very romantic. Many celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio have been spotted around here. Tourists can enjoy fine wines, delicious food and breathtaking scenery.

Ibiza is another famous holiday destination in Europe. Known as the “flower island” of the Mediterranean, Ibiza enjoys a warm and humid weather. Many celebrities spotted in Ibiza include Chris Brown, Damon Hill and Penelope Cruz. Tourists can stay in sun beds, villas and self catering apartments in this famous resort island off the coast of Spain.

Another well-known beach destination in Europe is the small island of Mallorca. This is an island off the coast of Portugal and is popular with families. The main island of Mallorca has got its name from the fish, which lives on the island, the “mallorca”. Mallorca is known for its beaches, night life, golf and culture. Many celebrities spotted in Mallorca include former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, Spanish football player Paco Remy and supermodels Elle Macpherson and Claudia Schiffer.

For those looking for some excitement, there are two options. One option is flying to the famous cities of Portugal, Spain, France and Germany and staying in the resorts. Another option is to take a direct flight to these destinations and then do your own travel by booking a rental car and visiting the local sights and attractions in these cities. Direct flights to these destinations leave from the UK and leave from the international airport of Dunkirk in France.

Italy is another popular destination in Europe. Rome is the capital of Italy and has a very rich history. Some of the most famous Italian cities that you can visit include Rome, Turin, Florence and Bologna. You can also go to northern Italy and visit the country’s most famous islands – Sardinia, Sicily, Pitta and Campania.