European Holiday Destinations to Visit

European holiday destinations

European Holiday Destinations to Visit

Best European Holiday Destinations For couples are intrinsically romantic. They have breathtaking sandy beaches, beautiful resorts to visit, charming restaurants and quaint cafes to enjoy and a host of beautiful sights to see. However, there is one more very important reason why these places are amongst the top choices for European holiday destinations.

The Mediterranean Sea has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It stretches from Spain down to Egypt, Italy and all the way down to Portugal. There are some amazing holiday villas in Spain as well as apartments in Greece and France. These are only some of the many different countries in Europe that have their own special attractions. Here are some of the top european holiday destinations.

Barcelona, the capital of Spain, is an exciting place for those that want to experience modern life in style. The beaches are superb with hundreds of thousands of people taking advantage of the fantastic water activities on a daily basis. Some of the attractions that you may want to take advantage of on your trip to Barcelona include the Gothic quarter, Royal Picasso Museum, Teatro Square and Santa Cristina de Barcelona. When it comes to accommodation per night, this destination offers some of the best rates in the European continent.

Rome is another impressive city in Europe that you will want to include on your list of destinations to see during your trip to Europe. This is a city full of culture, history and romance. Some of the best things to do when you are here include visiting the Roman ruins at Capri and Trevi, the Spanish Steps and of course, the St. Peter’s Basilica. One of the main things you will need to take into consideration when looking at accommodation is the cost of accommodation per night. The prices in Rome are amongst the most expensive in Europe and many visitors have reported spending half their budget on accommodation.

Paris is one of the most popular European destinations in the world and is popular with families and couples alike. The city has some of the most exquisite architecture in Europe and there is plenty to do when you are here. Many families love to spend time visiting the various tourist destinations in the city. You can visit the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre and much more. Many families go back to Paris every year on vacation and return completely revitalised and refreshed after spending time in the beautiful city of Paris.

Greece is another popular European holiday destination and has plenty to offer those that come here. With beautiful beaches and the wonderful river boat cruises you can relax and enjoy yourself in this lovely country. There are numerous places to eat when you are in Greece so you will not run out of great options when you are on your trip here. Some of the top locations to visit in Greece are Ionian Islands, Corfu and Skopelos beaches and of course the Pelion Peninsula.

Italy is another popular European destinations in the world. The country of Italy is a great place for families to visit and spend time. Rome is an obvious location to begin a holiday here but there are other places to visit such as Venice, Tuscany and Milan. Italy has some of the best restaurants in Europe so you will be spoilt for choice when you are here. Top European destinations in Italy include the capital Rome, Florence, Leningrad, Venice, Saint Tropez and Milan.

London is a wonderful and exciting European holiday destination and has many things to see and do. It is famous with tourists for being the capital of culture and fashion but it is also a very interesting place to explore at any time. The Imperial City is a key location and has a great deal to see and to do. Some of the most popular European destinations to visit in London are Hyde Park, South Kensington, Trafalgar Square, Sloane Square and the top parts of Mayfair.