European Holiday Destinations For Families With Kids

There are many reasons to book your European holiday holidays early, rather than waiting until the last minute. The reason why this is so important is because by doing so, you can avoid spending a great deal of money. In fact, if you travel during the high season, you can expect to pay as much as twice as much as you would have done otherwise. For this reason, it makes sense to book your trip months in advance.

European holiday destinations

One of the more obvious reasons why European holiday destinations aren’t always better than others is simply the climate. Whereas most Americans might only associate snow with winter, the reality is that almost all of Europe is equally well suited for all seasons. Here’s a list of some of the more popular winter destinations, as well as the average food budget per day for visitors to these cities:

Amsterdam, The Netherlands A popular winter destination due to the relatively mild winters, Amsterdam offers visitors a wide variety of sights and activities. The flower show at the Van Gogh Museum is a must for anyone visiting this city, as are the numerous markets held each year. During the summer, visitors can take advantage of the various water sports available around the city, from cycling and boating to picnicking and swimming. Visitors who book flights to Amsterdam in April are likely to find a comfortable hotel, with access to Wi-Fi internet, and parking outside the airport should be no problem. Some of the more expensive hotels include the Hilton, Maastricht, and Thijs Fenice, while the average temperature is about 7 degrees lower than that of Amsterdam.

Berlin, Germany While Berlin offers some of the best attractions in Europe, especially during the Oktoberfest season, it is often overlooked by families looking for good value accommodation per night. The German capital offers a wealth of cultural experiences, as well as an array of museums and galleries. There is a great selection of restaurants and bars, and even hostels are available for those families travelling on a budget. Many visitors plan to stay in one of the centrally located German cities like Berlin or Frankfurt, which are only around ten hours by car.

Paris, France Another popular European destination, Paris is a top tourist attraction, especially during the high tourism season. The Eiffel Tower and other major attractions are easily accessible from central Paris, while tourists can spend the day exploring Paris museums and art galleries or spending the evening enjoying the many trendy nightspots in the city. Budget accommodation is easy to find in central Paris, with cheap or budget hotels available in all price ranges. The French capital hosts many popular events, including the famous La Derendon and the world-famous Paris Grand Marathon, as well as festivals throughout the year. Tourists can find good value accommodation per night in central Paris, as well as plenty of shopping and eating opportunities.

Rome, Italy Rome is another popular European holiday spot, offering a wide variety of attractions and tourist attractions to those looking to stay for a few days or a week. Rome is easily accessible from the UK thanks to train services, and visitors often choose to stay in a central area of Rome, where they will have access to many different types of accommodation. Rome has a large number of historical sites and museums, and many families go there on a family holiday to experience what it is really like to be Italian.