Budget European Holiday Destinations

Europe as a travel destination is quite a big place to cover. It is home to a large variety of countries that each present distinctive cultural and historical heritage. Europe is a continent located wholly in the Northern Hemisphere with the exception of South America and the Pacific Ocean and most of its landmasses are located in Central Europe. Its borders are composed of many independent countries with the accepted names of Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The last named is a common division between former Yugoslavia countries.

European holiday destinations

With such a large number of countries to choose from, finding the top 5 European holiday destinations is quite easy. But which European country tops the list? The answer depends on your taste. Each country has a unique appeal to tourists who travel to the area. And some of the top destinations for tourists to Europe have a lot to offer tourists aside from the obvious historical and cultural appeal. Some European cities also offer a unique experience through their nightlife, entertainment options, cuisine and shopping.

Romania is one of the emerging European holiday destinations with great appeal to its visitors. It has an enchanting charm that is attracting visitors from around the world. Romania is also one of the richest countries in Europe with a modern, stable and relatively cheap economy. This is one of the main reasons why Romania is considered as one of the top destinations for travelers to Europe. The cities of Romania are rich in history, art, culture, markets and ancient ruins.

Budget Suggestions: A budget travel itinerary through Europe would include cities like Barcelona, Lisbon, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Prague and Vienna. These cities are popular among visitors because they offer good value for money. Travel agencies offer good deals during peak seasons. The accommodation rate is more affordable during off-peak seasons when compared to peak seasons. In some hotels, discount coupons can be used to get an extra night during your stay.

There are various other tourist destinations in Europe that can make attractive holiday destinations for you. Some of these destinations are Spain, Greece, France, Great Britain, Germany, Portugal, Austria and Poland. All these destinations are popular among the tourists who travel to Europe. The accommodation per night is cheaper in some cities than others.

Budget Suggestion: A budget traveler would definitely enjoy cities such as Barcelona, Lisbon, Brussels, Milan, Rome, Prague and Vienna. The accommodation rate is cheaper in these cities during off-peak seasons. Discount coupons can be used to get an extra night during your stay in these cities.