Best Places to Travel in Asia and Make Your Asian Holiday More Interesting

Asian holiday destinations

Best Places to Travel in Asia and Make Your Asian Holiday More Interesting

There are many great Asian holiday destinations and everyone have their own favourite which is why so much planning goes into deciding where we go next. A few years ago my wife got pregnant with our second child and we had to take a short holiday around Asia. Bali vs Thailand were the first choice for many couples as they loved the beach, the surfing and the temples. So we went there for our first Asian holiday and had some great fun.

My personal favourite Asian holiday places in Bali were the islands of Java and Sumatra. Both of these destinations offer fantastic beaches and are very popular with couples going on an inexpensive trip with the intention of having a relaxing time away from home. My wife especially loved Bali and ended up staying in Bali with us for almost 2 weeks. Here are some tips on where you can find the most popular Asian holiday places around the world today.

Thailand – If you look online or in any travel magazines you will be sure to find loads of photos and reviews of Thailand. It is still relatively unknown overseas to many people but the beaches are fantastic and the Thai people are friendly. If you enjoy beaches a lot then Thailand will definitely fit in nicely with your Asian holiday. Other popular destinations for cheap flights to Thailand include Phuket and Koh Samui. If you enjoy adventure, diving or anything else you’ll be guaranteed to have a great holiday in Thailand.

Philippines – Although not actually part of Indonesia it has its own rich tropical climate and sandy beaches so this makes it another popular Asian holiday destinations. Bali is very popular with couples going on short breaks here and staying in villas. You will also find that there is now a lot of direct flights to Bali from major cities in Asia such as Bangkok and Singapore. The other country, we will mention later in this article is Thailand so we won’t discuss it here for the moment.

Indonesia – This is one country that is often overlooked when planning your Asian holiday and it’s surprising just how beautiful it can be. It doesn’t matter if you want to visit Bali or just check out nearby Java, Indonesia has everything. Popular Asian holiday destinations include Java, Surabaya and Canggu. There are also plenty of cheap flights to Jakarta from other Asian countries like Thailand and Hong Kong, which means you should be able to save a substantial amount of money. Other popular places like Koh samui are also popular with tourists but there are less crowded beaches so you might prefer them to Bali.

Philippines – The Philippines is growing as an Asian holiday destination and has a lot of potential for visitors here. It is a nation where diversity is found not just in culture but in the actual geography too. There are beaches to suit all tastes and there are jungles and national parks to explore.

Sri Lanka – It may not be as photogenic as some of the Asian countries above but there is a lot to be enjoyed here. The main cities are bustling with modern life but there are some interesting places to visit including the national park, the islands and even the caves. For more nature lovers there are some wonderful natural beauty to be found including the beaches and rivers.

In short, Asia has the best places to go and the best places to stay depending on your budget. Vietnam is becoming increasingly popular with tourists and so this should be a good choice for you if you like historical destinations with a little more adventure. Indonesia may not be as photogenic as some of the Asian holiday destinations above but it is still worth a look. You can do plenty more sightseeing in Asia than just these places and there are lots more to discover.