Asian Holiday Destinations

Asia is the largest and most densely populated continent, found primarily in the northern and eastern hemispheres of the world. It shares the continental land mass of Eurasia with the east coast of Africa and with Western Central Asia. Asia has the world’s biggest population, second only to China. The major countries of this continent are: India, China, Pakistan, Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, Russia, Timor-Leste, Indonesia, Thailand, and the United States. Asia also contributes a significant amount of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and is considered one of the more important economic centers in the world.

Asian holiday destinations

Asia has been attracting people for over five thousand years. There are many beautiful and exotic countries here that will make your Asian holiday destinations unforgettable. Asia has something for everyone. There are some fascinating countries here like: Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, and India. These are just a few of the many interesting destinations available in Asia.

The most popular Asian holiday destinations in the world include: Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. Each country has a wide range of offerings. Vietnam and Thailand have some of the most amazing beaches in the world, and Bali in Indonesia is a favorite weekend getaway. Phuket in Thailand offers the most amazing tropical experience in the islands, with the beaches on Phuket varying from gentle to rough and bright colors. Many vacationers choose Phuket as their Asian destination because it offers a very low total cost.

Other popular Asian holiday destinations include: Singapore, which have an English speaking population; Malaysia, with amazing beaches and natural wonders; and Philippines, which have some of the best beaches in Asia. A vacation to any one of these destinations is sure to be a great experience. The price of all-inclusive vacations varies greatly by country. Some of the cheapest all-inclusive vacations can be found in Thailand, where beaches are extremely affordable, but accommodation is slightly more expensive. In addition, a variety of Thai delicacies can be sampled at expensive prices. For example, a nice meal at a popular restaurant could set you back nearly $100.

There are also cheaper flights to many of the popular Asian destinations in Asia. If you prefer to stay closer to home, there are direct flights to most of the cities listed above from the United Kingdom (uton or any one of the major airports). Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand are all relatively close to the Chinese border. A quick search of the internet will reveal numerous low-cost airlines flying to all of the popular Asian destinations. If you are planning a trip to India or Sri Lanka, be sure to check out the low cost airlines that are based there, as well as those based in England and other European nations, as they often have cheap flights to these destinations.

When booking a hotel in an Asian country, be sure that you are not charged exorbitant prices for a simple stay. While hotels do differ greatly throughout Asia, particularly between Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore, be careful to stay away from budget hotels that may seem very appealing on the surface. In many cases, these budget hotels will have poor quality food, and if you have an excursion planned in places such as Bali, Indonesia or Malaysia, you may find that the quality of the food there is far below the standards you would expect. Rather than spending hard earned money on a low quality hotel, opt instead for one of the many mid-range or luxury hotels that are available throughout Asia. You will likely pay a bit more, but if you want to truly enjoy your time in these Asian holiday destinations, spending a bit more on your hotel is well worth the price.

The beaches of Thailand, the wonderful island of Bali in Indonesia, and the pristine beaches of the Philippines are also popular holiday makers’ destinations. While the holiday makers may have different ideas about where they would like to spend their time when visiting these places, they all share a love of water and sun. It is not always easy to visit all three at the same time. If possible, plan your trip for the most pleasant months, from late April through late October, when the temperature remains warm, and the beaches remain nice and clean. In July and August Thailand and the Philippines are both warm and in November it is relatively cool in Bali, while the Philippines remains hot all year round. If you are visiting in late May or early September it is hard to find any good weather in Indonesia, and it is often rainy in Bali.

The all-inclusive holiday packages offered by resorts and hotels in many Asian countries are usually very reasonable. Some of these packages include accommodations, tours, food, drinks, gratuities, and activities in one affordable package. Some of the more expensive all-inclusive holiday packages include spa facilities in some Asian countries, but in general these types of packages are well worth the extra money. The Asian holiday destinations are truly varied, and no matter where you want to go there is almost always something available for you. In fact, Asia has so much to offer that your stay will be nothing short of amazing.