Asian Holiday Destinations

With so many popular Asian holiday destinations available and with so many different Asian holiday places to travel to it can sometimes be hard to decide on where to go and which to stay. In the Western Hemisphere you have places to go such as Vancouver, Washington State; San Francisco & California; Thailand & Bali in Indonesia; Manila, Philippines; Auckland, New Zealand and Sydney, Australia. Asia has even more places to go such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and China. Of course there are also many countries to visit such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and others. So it is possible to have a variety of Asian countries to travel to.

Of all the Asian holiday destinations that are popular with families there are some places that kids love to enjoy and this is what makes Hong Kong so popular as a family holiday destination. With its exciting nightlife, great food and shopping areas that are family friendly it is a great place to take the kids. There are activities for all ages from scavenger hunts and karting to activities that all the kids can participate in. In addition there are plenty of museums to explore so the kids will be entertained.

The other popular destination in Asia is Singapore, which is a popular choice with families for its wide range of places to stay including luxury hotels, budget accommodation and villas and many other things to do in with kids. The main area of interest in Singapore is Central Business District or known as CBD. This area has many entertainment centres, sports complexes, monuments, restaurants and nightlife venues.

Phuket or the pink island of Thailand is another popular destination with families going on holiday to Asia. Phuket is one of Asia’s top places to stay and offers amazing beaches and is popular with families too. The inaccessibility of the ferry from Bangkok to Phuket has made it a very popular place for families travelling to Asia. One of the places to stay in Phuket is the stunning Pink Beach resort, which has all the facilities you would expect from a luxury accommodation.

Kerala is an island in India that is visited by families all the time. It is a lovely place to holiday especially for families with children. It has places for families to kite and swim in the many beautiful beaches. In addition there are some interesting places to be explored and are worth visiting such as the wildlife sanctuary, the waterfalls and the ancient forts. The most important thing about Kerala is that it has excellent transport links making it very easy to reach the main tourist attractions in and around Kerala.

Thailand has places for all kinds of holiday makers, whether you want to backpack and camp or if you prefer luxury accommodation in hotels and resorts. The most popular tourist attraction in Thailand is of course the islands of Koh Samui and Ko Lipe. There are places to be seen all around the islands where you can enjoy some amazing sunsets and romantic walks along the beaches. You can also visit nearby cities such as Patong and Phuket and Koh Phangan in Thailand. The best places to stay in Phuket are the Loh Bagao Bay and the Patong beach resorts where you can stay cheaply and enjoy beach and nightlife along the way to your holiday destination.

When you are planning your Asian holiday you should also decide what sort of accommodation you would like to stay in and this will affect the places you choose to stay in Thailand. Some of the best places to stay in are the so-called “Ninja Islands” which is on the east of Thailand. These places have beautiful beaches, hidden coves and hidden lagoons that are lush and beautiful. You can avoid the tourist areas altogether and stay in the more remote and natural areas that are less crowded with tourists.

Vietnam is an island country in South-East Asia and is known for its cuisine, scenic landscapes, beaches and temples. The cities are small and you can easily see the countryside from the road. You can get there by taking a cruise ship from Bangkok or from Hong Kong. If you want to experience a less expensive holiday in Vietnam you can stay there on a budget. There are many cheap hotels that are available in Hanoi and Hoi An and you can choose to stay there on a budget.