Asian Holiday Destinations

When it comes to looking for exotic Asian holiday destinations there are few places as wonderful or captivating as Asia. Asia has a lot to offer tourists of all interests. Asia is the most densely populated continent and home to the world’s most diverse population. There are vast areas of land that are mountainous and land that is either desert or ocean.

Asian holiday destinations

Asia is the most diverse and developed region on earth, home to a plethora of different cultures and traditions. Asia is the most developed and wealthiest continent, found primarily in the Eastern and Northern Hemispheres with Alaska, Russia, India, China, South Korea and Japan following close behind. It shares the same continental land mass with the western continent of Europe and the easternmost land mass of Asia with North and South Korea.

When choosing Asian holiday destinations, there are some things that travelers absolutely must have. While many may think that beaches are a must have when choosing a holiday destination, many forget that Asia also boasts some of the most beautiful and dramatic mountains and landscapes. Some of the most popular Asian beach destinations include Vietnam and Thailand. Vietnam is by far one of the most famous destinations in Asia having seen people from all over the world flock to its exotic beaches to soak up the sun and enjoy the warm weather.

One of the most popular Asian family holidays destinations is Koh Samui in Thailand. Koh Samui is a popular destination in Asia as it is relatively cheap and easy to get to from other popular destinations in Asia. For a family holiday this can be a great option as you can spend quality time with your family while not breaking the bank. Koh Samui has some amazing beaches, a vibrant nightlife and some of the most beautiful landscapes in Asia. The islands of Koh Phangan, Choeng Mon, Bophut and Mai Khao are also very popular as some of the best Thai beaches in the world. If you want to see some of the more remote beaches in Thailand then you will need to travel to Nakhon Ratchasima which is only accessible by boat.

The third and fourth most popular Asian holiday destinations for tourists are Hong Kong and Macau. Although they are not the most expensive places to stay in these are still some of the most expensive holiday spots in Asia. They are certainly the top destinations in Asia to take a family holiday and if you are lucky enough to book yourself a well known boutique hotel then you will definitely be able to get away cheaply.

The last four Asian holiday destinations that feature amongst the top destinations for tourists are Tokyo, Seoul, Bangkok and Singapore. Tokyo is considered to be Asia’s capital as it is a place filled with historical buildings and monuments. There are many hotels around central Tokyo that offer great discount prices so if you are looking for a great luxury hotel then you should make your way to this part of Japan. Seoul is Asia’s largest city and is a must see for anyone who is able to make it to this part of the world. It has a wonderful selection of tourist attractions including the Guggenheim Museum, Universal Studios and Olympic Park. Bangkok is Asia’s party capital so if you are looking for a cheap accommodation as well as great shopping, then you will definitely want to check out this city.