3 Cheap Asian Holiday Destinations For a Family Vacation

Asian holiday destinations

3 Cheap Asian Holiday Destinations For a Family Vacation

Southeast Asia is filled with exciting holiday destinations that are perfect for anyone’s family holiday. The stunning sandy beaches of the islands of Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand are extremely popular with tourists looking for a relaxing holiday. Most of the people who come here do so because they love the sun, the beaches and the sparkling waters. These destinations are all very different and offer something different to each visitor, no matter what his or her interests are. When planning a family holiday you should try to find some places to stay that are as unique as the places you visit.

Thailand Travel Destination Thailand is another one of the most popular Asian holiday destinations and has become very popular in the UK as well as abroad. With so many holiday makers coming to Thailand and visiting other Asian countries, Thailand offers a great choice for travellers looking for some unique accommodation. From budget accommodation to mid-range accommodation and everything in between, there are plenty of different places to stay in this wonderful country. The most popular cities to visit in Thailand include Bangkok and Phuket which have fantastic beaches and excellent transport links. There are many excellent package holiday packages that include activities such as elephant safari, beach diving, swimming with the dolphins or just having a relaxing time in the sun, wherever you are most interested.

Singapore Asian Holiday Destination For backpackers on a tight budget, Singapore offers budget-friendly accommodation and there is no shortage of things to see and do in this fun and welcoming country. It’s home to a variety of attractions including Sentosa, one of the largest and most well known theme parks in Asia, and the indoor amusement park called Singapore Zoo. The beaches are tropical and there is always something to do on the beach – and it’s easy to get around on Singapore’s public transport system. Singapore has some of the finest Asian cuisine and shopping malls. The cuisine is mostly vegetarian but there is a small amount of seafood.

Vietnam Asian Holiday Destination Many people choose Vietnam as their Asian holiday destination because of its beautiful beaches and incredible culture. Vietnam offers great beaches and beautiful white sand. Hanoi’s Hoan Kiem Lake offers lots of fun water activities such as snorkeling and boating. The cities of Hanoi and Halong are well preserved and offer some interesting attractions. While you’re here, don’t miss out on the rich Vietnamese culture which is made by the combination of French, Chinese and indigenous influences. There are many cultural shows and performances throughout the year which are well worth watching.

Cambodia Asian Holiday Destinations Cambodia is another popular choice as a holiday destination in Asia. Known for being one of the most beautiful cities in Asia, you will find that the streets are wide and safe. Most of the attractions are located in the capital city Phnom Phen, and you can also experience the beauty of the countryside, which is very far away from the capital. There are many things to do in Phnom Phen, such as enjoying the beautiful beach and river resort of Sihanoukville.

Thailand Asian Holiday Destinations Families looking for a cheap holiday destinations should consider Thailand. It’s home to some of the best beaches in Asia and there are plenty of cheap accommodation options. You can stay in hotels, beach resorts or B&B’s and enjoy everything Thailand has to offer, such as Thai massage, traditional cultures and food. A budget holiday is easy to organise in Thailand and all the things you need are available at very low cost.